Baptisms are a joy and a delight in the wonder filled atmosphere of the Church of the Good Shepherd surrounded by the lake and mountains.
Christians come from all over New Zealand and even the world to be baptised in the name of God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.


In baptism an individual is brought into the orbit of God’s reconciling love through the saving power of Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection, and becomes a member of the worldwide church. 

Anyone considering baptism, either personally or for their children, should take time to pray, reflect and talk about baptism with members of their own local faith community before making a decision. Baptismal spirituality is a life-long journey of discipleship to Jesus Christ.

Perhaps you have a sense of connection to our little church in Lake Tekapo; you may have worshipped here, been married here, or simply enjoyed the Presence of God in this place while travelling.  If baptism is a step you are considering in your faith journey and you would like to be baptised in The Church of the Good Shepherd we welcome you to enquire below.

We can warmly assist you to make an informed decision that unfolds into a fruitful spiritual life, grounded in the presence of God, the love of Christ, and the indwelling Holy Spirit.